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Volunteer at IQA

The International Quidditch Association is run entirely by dedicated volunteers, who work tireless to improve the sport and help it grow.

The IQA is incredibly thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers, both past and present, who have contributed their time to the sport.

If you are interested in volunteering for the IQA have a look at the positions available below. Any questions regarding volunteering can be directed at

Communications & Technology

The Communication and Technology department is the hub of external communication for the IQA. Jamie Turbet (Director) and Declan Ramsay (Deputy Director) oversee a wonderful team that works for translation, social media, website and more. A full description of each department can be found below.


The translation team is managed by Joke Daems, who oversees over 5 different translation teams, works with a multicultural group to provide resources to our international membership in their own language. These resources can include social media posts, the Rulebook and Annual Reports. The current translation teams are:

  • French
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Catalan
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

Social Media & Community Engagement

The Social Media & Community Engagement team works to keep an active social media presence, and find new ways to connect with out community. They are also our graphic design hub, and produces beautiful images and documents for the IQA. Find us at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to check out the amazing work they do!


The Editorial team provides a huge amount of support for the IQA, and reads drafts of every English text published by the IQA. The Editorial watches for grammar errors, spelling mistakes and a lot more. We would be lost without them!


The website team does awesome work, and maintains this website as well as our other websites such as the IQA Referee Hub. They are also always looking for ways to improve our website and databases.

Events & Membership Services

The Events and Membership Services Department is responsible for all services provided to our members related to Events and Membership, while ensuring all services offered are within the IQA mission, values and maintains financial stability for the IQA. This includes organising the IQA events cycle and keeping members informed on what is being worked on in the IQA and being the primary contact for our members, the National Governing Bodies. The department is being overseen by Pauline Raes (director) and Luke Zak (deputy director).

Events bidding team

The event bidding team is overseen by the department directors. The team is responsible for overseeing and running the IQA events bidding process, creating and enforcing the bid guidelines, actively soliciting bids and evaluating the bids submitted to the IQA.

Events coordination team

The event coordination team is overseen by the department directors and is responsible for the organization of all IQA events. This includes working with our event partners and various departments within the IQA to host successful, accessible and safe events for all attendees to attend.

Partnerships team

The partnerships team is overseen by Aldo Mastellone, the Partnerships Manager. The team is responsible for searching for partnerships and sponsorships opportunities for the IQA and looking into alternative revenue streams for the organization. The team works closely with the IQA events teams and Human Resources and Operations department.

Sports development team

The sport development team is a team with a broad range of responsibilities and work opportunities. This team mostly covers membership resources, youth quidditch, laying out grassroots and expansion.


The Gameplay Department is responsible for all on-field aspects of international quidditch. The department creates the rulebook and an international referee certification process. This department also is responsible for developing resources to improve the skills of players, coaches, referees, and snitches. The ultimate goal of this department is to ensure that all NGBs have the resources to play and officiate quidditch at the highest level.

Match officials support and development team

This team is overseen by its manager, Steve Cockram. The team is the point of contact for all match officials. They are responsible for creating resources for match officials and referee tests. The team can also be asked to oversee match official disputes at an NGB level.

Rulebook team

The team is overseen by Rulebook Manager, Michael Clark-Polner. The team oversees the writing of the rulebook and is responsible for the process of writing the rules and regulations for the sport, within the IQA mission and values. The team also assists the Match Officials Support and Development Team in ensuring the referee tests are accessible for match officials.

Player and Coach Development team

All positions in this team are currently vacant. The team is responsible for the creation of playing and coaching resources and assisting NGBs in the development of their players and coaches. For this they will work closely with the Sports Development Team.

Human Resources & Operations

The overall responsibilities of the HRO Department are to maintain a team culture that is inclusive and diverse while overseeing the financial and operational health of the association.

Diversity and Inclusion team

The goal of the Diversity and Inclusion Team (D&I) is to be a resource center for Departments, Teams, NGBs, and the quidditch community. The team is overseen by co-managers Madison Burns and Gise López.

Legal team

The legal team is overseen by Kevin Hayes. The goal of the Legal Team is to be a non-legal counsel resource center for the IQA Board of Trustees and other departments regarding languages and interpretation of policies and contracts and assisting on legal matters and various legal filings. The team may also be asked to assist the Events and Membership Services department to communicate with NGBs and redirect to local legal counsel when necessary. The Legal team will help write and improve policies throughout the organization.

Human resources team

The goal of the Human Resources Team will be to ensure that our volunteers and future employees are fairly represented and treated. The team will assist with onboarding IQA volunteers, managing volunteer records an assisting the department director in various miscellaneous tasks.

The HR Team will work to maintain the Volunteer Code of Conduct, future volunteer handbooks, the staff directory, and any policy that directly relates to how HR processes are handled.

Finance team

The finance team works closely with the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, is responsible for all data entry, accounts receivable/payable, invoicing, expenses, and financial policy and for creating organizational and program budgets in collaboration with the directors and Board of Trustees.


Applications for the board open in January every year, prospective applicants are encouraged to reach out throughout the year if they have questions about the role and the application process by emailing

Trustees serve as part of a small group that makes governing decisions for the IQA. The trustees have a direct hand in shaping the future of the organization and the sport overall. The general powers of the board include, but are not limited to:

  • Hire, evaluate, terminate, and set compensation for any staff.
  • Admit new members, reclassify, and terminate memberships as provided in the constitution.
  • Maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance throughout the IQA.
  • Achieve transparency in the operations of the IQA as is reasonably achievable.
  • Set the strategic plan, budget, and corporate performance measures.
  • Monitor the financial reporting process and the legal and regulatory compliance program.
  • Set policy on capital distribution, financial strategies, borrowing commitments, and long term financial planning.
  • Monitor the IQA’s assets to ensure that they are properly protected. 
  • Conduct an annual review of the IQA’s performance and effectiveness and determine future actions required to achieve the IQA’s mission.
  • Take such other action as is customary for a board of directors of a nonprofit corporation.
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