21 July, 2023

The US National Team takes home the trophy at IQA World Cup 2023

Photo Credit: Kielan Donahue

The US National Team takes home the trophy at IQA World Cup 2023

In a thrilling showcase of athleticism and strategy the IQA World Cup 2023 has come to a showstopping conclusion. The international quadball community gathered at the prestigious event, held in Richmond, VA, to witness the crowning of a new champion. After 2 days of intense competition, the United States National Team emerged as the ultimate victors, claiming the gold medal in a commanding fashion.

The gold medal match pitted the USA, our defending champion, against Germany. Displaying remarkable coordination and exceptional skill, the USA won the game with 140*-50. The United States demonstrated unrivaled teamwork, employing brilliant strategies and showcased remarkable athleticism. 

The United States came close to failing to retain their title with a tight, 120*-70 semi-final win over Belgium, a rematch of the 2018 World Cup championship match and a pool play match, that yielded a lopsided win for the American team.

In the battle for the bronze medal, Belgium faced off against England in a highly anticipated showdown. The Belgian team, known for their tactical prowess and agility, delivered a stunning performance that proved too much for their English rivals. With calculated moves and impeccable teamwork, Belgium secured a well-deserved 120*-60 victory, clinching the bronze medal. Their tenacity and skill on the pitch left an indelible mark on the tournament, showcasing the talent within the Belgian quadball community.

Throughout the competition, the IQA World Cup 2023 showcased the international quadball community's unwavering passion and dedication. It brought together teams from 15 nations, each displaying their unique playing styles and pushing the boundaries of the sport. The tournament was the first in the history of quadball to have every inhabited continent represented.

The IQA World Cup 2023 will undoubtedly be remembered as a watershed moment in quadball history. The event not only celebrated the sport's growing popularity but also showcased the unwavering passion and skill of its participants, spectators and volunteers.

The next IQA World Cup tournament has not yet been scheduled, but we look forward to seeing the continued growth of the sport, with yet more nations hopefully making their debuts, as well as welcoming back a number of teams that were unfortunately unable to join us in Richmond.

A special shoutout to all of the players, officials, spectators and organizers, without whom the tournament would not have been possible, and to our partner organizations US Quadball and Richmond Regional Tourism for their generosity in hosting us for the week. We look forward to seeing everyone soon and the continued growth of our sport.

The final rankings of the tournament can be found here: 

1. USA

2. Germany

3. Belgium

4. England

5. African Nations

5. France

7. Australia

7. Canada

9. Brazil

9. India

11. Japan

11. Mexico

13. Austria

13. Hong Kong

13. Norway

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