13 October, 2020

The Rulebook for the Season 2020/2021 is out

Referee huddle at European Games 2019
Photo Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

The IQA is happy to release the Rulebook for the 2020/2021 season: the document contains all the changes anticipated previously with the changelog announcement, and further explains them. The new Rulebook takes effect immediately but, due to COVID-19 effects on events and the overall sport season, the length of time that this rulebook will remain in effect is to be determined. The IQA will evaluate the rulebook process and cycle as new information becomes available and will provide an update later this season.

“We are extremely excited for this Rulebook, which I believe improves quidditch by addressing some of the sport’s biggest gameplay and safety issues. I would like to especially thank Michael Clark-Polner and the Rulebook Committee for their months of work vetting, debating, and crafting this rulebook. I am very happy with their work and process, and how they listened to the community;  one of the biggest changes – the starting procedure – came directly from a community form suggestion, via Christos Kaldis, and I look forward to even more community engagement in the future. ” commented Austin Wallace – Interim Gameplay Director at IQA.

The IQA Gameplay Department is working on the referee tests for new and returning game officials and will be releasing information about this by the end of next week. Translations in various languages have already started, if you want to get involved please reach out to 

Questions regarding the Rulebook may be directed to the Gameplay Department:

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