23 April, 2020

The IQA publishes the Harassment Policy

Belgium-France greeting line European Games 2019 finals
Photo Credit: Axel Casas

The International Quidditch Association is happy to share the new Harassment Policy, which has been approved by the IQA Board of Trustees.

The Policy is a big step in building a welcoming and safe space for all players and volunteers in the quidditch community, as it will be binding for NGBs and their members as well. “We are enthusiastic about this milestone”, commented Rahel Liviero, Chair of the IQA Board of Trustees, “It was a long overdue step for our community, and there is a long way to go to ensure the safety of our members, volunteers, and players. I want to thank all the current and former volunteers who put their time and heart into this, such as Jessyka Schwandt, Andrew Marmer, Austin Wallace, Luke Nickholds and Betsy Lewin-Leigh”. The policy is effective immediately and should be implemented by NGBs by August 31, 2020 at a local level.

You can read the entire policy in the IQA website document section at this link. Thanks to the amazing work of the Editorial and Translation Team also in Spanish and German, with more languages coming.

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