11 December, 2023

IQA 2023 Membership Report Released

Quadball team smiling after game

The Membership and Gameplay department is pleased to release the 2023 membership report. From February through to October this year the membership team has been gathering data on every IQA member's team count, member count and certified referee count. 

The last survey of members was conducted in 2019. The 2023 membership report reveals interesting data on how the international community has fared since the COVID-19 pandemic and what has changed in those pivotal years.

We are able to see since 2019 that the overall player count has declined by 2 016 players, and we have lost 51 teams. Despite this, some NGBs have seen impressive growth since 2019. Honourable mentions go to  Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya, Deutscher Quidditchbund, Slovak Quidditch Association and Asociación Quidditch España for growing their membership base during challenging times, and congratulations are due to Quadball Uganda who grew their membership base by 200 players!

The membership team is releasing the membership report as well as membership data analysis, university team analysis and a youth team analysis. These documents have plenty of information about the international growth of the sport that we’re sure players will find interesting, or even help guide NGB recruitment efforts and strategy for 2024.


IQA Membership Report 2021-23

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