Players attempt to score during a game

How To Play

The basics

Quadball is played by two teams of up to 21 players. Each team fields up to 7 players on pitch at any one time, which are made up of one Keeper, three Chasers, two Beaters, and one Seeker. Players rotate throughout the game, with substitutions constantly happening. Teams cannot have more than 4 players of the same gender identity on pitch at the same time.

Player attempts to shoot the quaffle through a hoop
Photo Credit: Tamara Rossel

Chasers and Keepers run and pass the volleyball between them in an attempt to score through one of three hoops at their opponents end. The opposing Chasers and Keeper defend their hoops through tackling and intercepting. A goal is worth 10 points.

Beaters prepare to throw dodgeball
Photo Credit: Tamara Rossel

Beaters throw dodgeballs, any player struck by a dodgeball thrown by an opposing Beater must drop any ball they are carrying, dismount their broom, and run back to their own hoops before they can rejoin the game.

Seekers attempt to catch the flag
Photo Credit: Tamara Rossel

Seekers attempt to catch the flag, a tail attached to the back of a Flag Runner; an impartial official dressed in yellow who uses physicality and evasion to prevent the Seekers from catching. The Flag Runner and Seekers enter play after 18 minutes. Catching the flag is worth 30 points and ends the game.




The volleyball has been slightly deflated for grip.

A beater holding a dodgeball


The dodgeballs used are rubber dodgeballs, slightly deflated for grip.

A seeker holding the flag, with a snitch wearing yellow snitch shorts.


The flag is velcroed on the back. Alternatively, a tennis ball inserted into a long football sock and tucked into a pair of shorts can work just as well.

5 players running with PVC brooms


Long straight poles made from PVC plastic, fibreglass, or the classic wood. Typically just under a meter long and capped on either end for safety. Simple brooms can be made cheaply from typical hardware store plumbing supplies.

3 quadball hoops


Hoops are in sets of three, mounted on poles ranging in height from 180cm to 90cm, and set in the ground with either spikes or weighted bases.

Simple hoops can be made cheaply from typical hardware store plumbing supplies.

Team Slovakia wearing beater, chaser and keeper headbands


Headbands are crucial identifiers for players on pitch, and are specific to each position.

White for Chasers
Green for Keepers
Black for Beaters
Yellow for Seekers

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